The writers and the the writing

We, the writers have set ourselves a tough challenge: to co-write the exploits of two well known fictional characters, in a new environment of Buenos Aires and tango.

In the course of writing, we hope to redefine their relationship - Bond in his 60’s ageing; Moneypenny simply the Moneypenny of days gone by. Except that with these changes, their characters develop a different hue. The balance of power and influence has changed. Moneypenny, a naive incomer to Buenos Aires at the start of her tango journey, gradually grows into a strong determined woman; Bond, historically a master of every situation, finds his authority and influence slipping away.

Our aim (in addition to developing the characters and storyline) is also to tell the reader about Buenos Aires - places of interest, things to do, to visit, and of course to describe the tango scene, its characters, customs and venues.

The writers shall be including their friends in the narrative - not as they are in real life, but as new fictional characters. If you would like to appear in the storyline, simply message either of the writers and we will see what we can do to include you.

Finally, we ask you to bear in mind that this is a fun project for two rookie writers who have not before published, nor ever taken a challenge like this, in which each writer sets a writing challenge for the other to write and respond to. At this stage we would appreciate your encouragement rather than criticism.

We should also record that this is a not-for-profit project from a non-monetised blog written for the love of writing.

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