The characters so far


Bond is loosely based on a character of similar name who worked for the British government as ‘an agent’. Save that now he has aged somewhat; and with age, perhaps matured...or maybe not? He has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a number of years. He dances Argentine tango sufficiently well to have his own table at the milongas.


Moneypenny bears some resemblance to the Moneypenny of the Bond movies, but in many ways is quite different. She is feisty, confident and beautiful - perhaps more like a ‘Bond girl’ than a ‘back room girl’. She is in Buenos Aires to learn Argentine tango and to experience life. As such, she falls prey to some of the more manipulative characters around her.


Sabrina was clearly a beautiful and perhaps exotic woman in her time, but that time is cruelly passing and she is finding that a new generation of young tangueras is taking her place on the centre stage. Her historic relationship with Bond is a matter of speculation - after all, they were two of the most glamorous people on the Buenos Aires tango scene.


Alvero is smart rather than bright, but very handsome, and typically Porteno (a resident of Buenos Aires). He is a chancer, the sort of smooth self-obsessed character that women may have the fortune, or misfortune, to meet in the milongas of Buenos Aires.


Lucia is an attractive, young tanguera who frequents the milongas and clearly has the hots for Alvero. Their relationship (if indeed they have one as such) is not altogether clear, nor does it seem to matter to either of them. Clearly Lucia has little time for Moneypenny.

Richard Alvarez

Richard is a medical doctor and a hugely and conspicuously wealthy Porteno of British ancestory - of which he is disproportionately proud. His wealth allows him to have a hacienda outside Buenos Aires (where he keeps his wife), and a mansion in the city to support his ‘other interests’.  He and Sabrina were lovers until Bond stole her away.


Raul is the gardener at Palacio Haedo, a famous building that houses Bond’s grace-and-favour apartment. It seems that the government forgot to retire Raul, so he has remained as resident in the palace basement with his cat Cleo.


Rosa is Bond’s maid at Palacio Haedo.

Maria Cristina

Maria Cristina, it seems, may be Bond’s lawyer - or maybe not. She is clearly an influential figure - strong, intelligent, connected and beautiful. She is shrouded in mystery, always in the shadows except when centre stage. Is it a coincidence that her first name begins with the letter ‘M’? Is she Bond’s MI6 handler?

Harmonica boy
The blind boy in the wheelchair is an enigma. He reappears at critical moments in the story. He plays only tango n his harmonica, but he has many other roles, as you will see.

In deference to Adrianna, we have not added a photo. She is an American woman of a certain age, learning to dance Argentine tango at Sabrina’s dance school. Adrianna finds it difficult to befriend other women, preferring instead to prey on young tangueros who can rarely resist her dollars


Dr Richard Alvarez’s gay partner, who it seems cares for Richard almost as much as he cares for his money. His redeeming quality is his extravagant personality, making him a must at a party.

This is Dr Richard Alvarez’s wife, who he generally hides away at his hacienda outside Buenos Aires, but she occasionally gate-crashes his city parties. She knows about Jay, and seems to tolerate the relationship with sanguinity, probably because of the potential inheritance.

Stephen Madden
Stephen is one of the key police officers assigned to work in conjunction with MI6 - the essential link between the services, annd a personal friend of Bond. Whats more, he has the most magnificent moustache in the force.

Purporting to be a driver for MI5, Mireille is to surprise everyone when she turns up in Buenos Aires as a pivitol agent. But is she an agent of good...or evil?

Richard Hammond
A secret agent working for MI6, one of the most senior and arguably, the most glamorous. Known to other agents simply as ‘Hammond’, Richard is given the difficult job to keep tabs on Bond - not an enviable assignment!

Paul Savident 
Paul is a bit of a mystery. Everyone knows about his allotment in London, but few know of his diplomatic skills in holding the MI6 department together for M. If you were stranded on a desert island, Paul is the one person you would want to be there.

Cpt Nick Compton
Nick cousin to Madden, is a sea dog, his life spent captaining cargo ships on the Atlantic, rarely seen without his miniature Schnauzer Simon.. But there is more to him than meets the eye. Is he good or evil? Time will tell!

He drives a taxi, but I sense he is not really a taxi driver. Devastatingly good looking, and charming, and fit, Damian lurks in the background awaiting his chance with Moneypenny. If anyone could succeed, it might be Damian.

Pictured here with Norm, Cecilia (or C) is a beautiful Portena photographer who has gone missing. All attempted contact has gone unanswered and MI6 is concerned. With the help of her friend Norm (see below), Bond hopes to locate her and bring her back into the service.

Belfast’s top photographer and friend of ‘C’, Norm is best placed to trace Cecilia. Seconded to MI6, Norm embarks on a return trip to South America to help Bond in this task.

Many readers did not expect MI6 ever to have a transgender Head of Service, but on Theresa May’s appointment it now does. We know little about Boothroyd’s history (some say that she was a famous lawyer), save that she is now a beautiful woman who commands respect throughout the organisation.

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