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This is the tango school at Carlos Calvo 950, San Telmo at which Moneypenny meets Bond (and where the writers first met). It is one of the favoured places to learn Argentine tango, run by proprietor and coveted tanguera, Carolina Bonaventura.

Associazione Nazionale Italia
Otherwise know as ‘La Nacional, this is a popular location for milongas (dances at which Argentine tango is danced). It is in Adolfo Alsina just to the west of San Jose in Monserrat.

A large square, recently restored, opposite the Argentine Congress building, hence its importance. A great place for street cafes - and often the meeting place for demonstrations against the government.

Av de Mayo
A beautiful avenue with fabulous architecture, leading between the Congress to the west and the Presidential Palace to the east. This avenue marks the formal centre, and street numbering runs from this point.

9 de Julio
The widest road in Buenos Aires, dissecting the city centre, and running north-south from the Obelisco. In spring time it is a mass of purple blue Jacaranda.

A very popular restaurant at Corrientes 1368 serving pizza (and Moscato - a sweet wine).

Palacio Haedo
Located at Santa Fe 690, this is one of the more iconic and historic palacios of Buenos Aires. It is now classified as a national monument.

Plaza San Martin
A delightful plaza garden in the heart of the city bordering Retiro, Bario Norte and Recoleta. Here will be found the statue of Jose Francisco de San Martin, who helped liberate the southern part of Argentina from the Spanish.

Torre de los Ingleses
The English Tower, built in 1912 in Palladian style, located in Plaza San Martin, a gift from the British government to Argentina to commemorate their independence. It now sits conspicuously opposite a national monument marking the fallen Argentine soldiers and sailors in the Malvenas conflict 2 April to 14 June, 1982.

Cafe Paulin
An intruiging cafe of tiny proportions at Sarmiento 635.

Recoleta cemetery
Arguably one of the most fascinating places in Buenos Aires due to the sheer number and oppulence of the tombs situated there. This is also the last resting place of Eva Peron.

La Biela
Iconic cafe, a ‘must-see’ and ‘must-be-seen’ in a visit to Buenos Aires. Formerly the headquarters of the Argentinan Automobile Sport Association.

Arbol Patrimonio Historico
A gum tree said to be the oldest in Buenos Aires. Certainly one of the largest, it’s branches spreading wide over the cafe La Biela.

Casa Rosada
The Presidential Palace, known as the ‘pink house’ due to its colour - a combination of red for the Federales and white for the Unitarians.

Peru 1865
Actually a fictitious location, as the calle does not extend beyond 1799, but indicative of real locations at which ‘secret milongas’ are held from time to time. Invitation only, these tend to be smart places for skilled tangueros.

Salon Canning
One of the best known milongas in Buenos Aires, situated in Palermo, and attracting classy tangueros from both the city and abroad.

Hotel Alvear Palace
One of the poshest locations in Buenos Aires (and one of the most expensive). Great for the afternoon tea experience.

De Querusa
A smartest milonga for dancing in the Salon style. Visit on a Monday or Thursday evening after 8 pm to dance with competent salon tangueros.

La Viruta
An iconic must-see milonga in Buenos Aires. Visit on Friday or Saturday nights and stay for breakfast until 6 am. You will have a ball.

Bar Los Laureles
Hidden away in Barracas, this is one of the oldest tango bars in the city, and offers the chance to dance tango, or on Friday nights, listen to tango songs and singers from the Golden Age. If you only visit one bar, Los Laureles should be it.

Club Gricel
One of the better known traditional milongas in Buenos Aires, out in La Roja off Av San Juan. Different nights of the week present different experiences, depending on the organisers.

Convento San Ramon Nonato
From the outside Reconquista 269 is just an ordinary doorway at the top of a short flight of steps. But inside is a gorgeous colonnade surrounding a delightful garden. Midweek lunch at reasonable cost is served around the garden, with interesting shops hidden away to one side.

Plaza Dorrego
The heart of San Telmo, a famous square on Sundays featuring the best street market followed by Buenos Aires’ favourite open-air milonga.

Galerias Pacifico and Borges Centre
Enter Galerias from Calle Florida, walk straight ahead to the staircase, and look around you. Here is not only Buenos Aires’ most fashionable shopping centre, but fabulous frescos leading to the Centro Cultural Borges where you will find both Art and Tango.

Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sud
A fresh lung to Buenos Aires, the reserve covers 350 hectares of marshland dissected by rough footpaths. For any extended visit to the city, a trip here is a must!

Ormond Yard, Westminster, England
We have added the location of Bond’s UK apartment for completeness, a location both fashionable and expensive. It is clear that Bond has been here since it was a simple mews originally designed as stables and the homes of ostlers. From the top window you can just about see the roofs of Whitehall.

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