Just another day in San Telmo


“You’re sure you don’t want to join me tonight?”, shouts Sabrina while twirling in front of the large mirror ornamenting the entrance of her, and now my, apartment.

“You seem very preoccupied with how you look tonight, any special reason?”, I ask her with a smirk.

“I believe my question was about whether you wanted to join me or not.  If you’re so curious about my reasons for going, why don’t you join me?  You’ve been going out with that man non-stop this week, it’s time you spent your free time in better company”, she adds.

“I’d love to, but I’m tired and all I want to do with get into a hot tub, have some wine and just be alone” I tell her.

“Suit yourself, you have Damian’s number in case you change your mind”.

“And which part can Damian help me with? The alone part?  The hot bath part?” I respond mockingly. 

“You're too clever for your own good you know?  Damian can drive you to wherever you want to go if you need, for the rest, he's a grown man who can indeed be at your service if you need anything else..... Rest well my dear” she retorts with a smile. 

As she closes the door behind her, and seeing her all ready for dazzle and dancing tonight, I almost regret staying home; not to mention that I was dying to know where she was going, she had been so secretive all day, almost as if she had been trying to bait me.  I stare down at the box of ‘Comme il faut’ shoes, that were delivered earlier today and wonder if I shouldn’t just run after her, but something tells me I should stay put tonight after the day I’ve had.

I stare over at the clock, it’s just before midnight, still early by porteño standard, but for some reason I’m exhausted.  I let the tub fill with steaming water and  start soaking my tired feet and desperately try to make sense of the events that happened to me today.

I left Bond’s this morning, after making him my specialty breakfast: coffee and burnt toast, and rushed through the Sunday market.  I love Sundays in San Telmo but for some reason today nothing was quite like I wanted it to be; the fresh orange juice stand I usually go to, wasn’t there; the coffee from the market was too hot; my medialunas were too dry; it’s as if the day was trying to warn me to stay home.

I walked towards home and just before reaching the front door, I saw I Damian leaving Sabrina’s place; he no doubt spent the night here, a rare privilege for Sabrina’s lovers, they’re usually asked to leave just as quickly as they’re asked to come in, but not him.  I’m not quite sure what she sees in him, but I know better than to ask Sabrina about her nightly engagements.

When I got home, Sabrina handed me a package which had been delivered earlier today; a pair of 36 silver Comme il fauts, just like the ones I lost last night and a copy of my key.  The worst part was that I almost wasn’t surprised.  I feel as if I’ve had no control over my own life in the past few months, that it was only natural that last night’s pickpocketing had more to it than met the eye, but why?  Of what interest was I of all people to anyone?  Nothing seemed random, everything seemed all planned out, like a play and I was the only one who hadn’t gotten a copy of the script.

After a few hours of telling Sabrina what happened, I stepped out to Dorrego and that’s when I realised I should have listened to the events of the day and stayed home…..

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