Introducing the writers of Bond and Moneypenny

This blog is about ‘Bond and Moneypenny’. They meet in Buenos Aires.

Like Bond, the writer of his character is now an ageing Englishman. He is somewhere in his 60’s (some might say, later than earlier). He is nearly retired, but clings onto his profession as a lawyer/government agent, as a child would hold a security blanket. He writes, just for fun.

The writer of Moneypenny is a young and vibrant single 30-something professional. She too is taking time-out from a demanding profession to live life and write about it. She loves ideas, feelings, experience, and is an aspiring writer.

The writers have in common - tango - Argentine tango. They both dance: Moneypenny with that youthful flair, Bond with a settled maturing experience. The stories you will read will be about tango. And Buenos Aires. And life to be lived, demonstrating the different perspectives of two very different people from very different places.

This is an experimental collaboration between the writers, setting challenges for each other and their characters. Each piece is written independently and without consultation, to which the other has to respond. Now there’s a recipe for sparks to fly!

We hope you enjoy the result.

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